Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Toros bedknife angle indicator mount

Recently I went to a Toro seminar over at Veseys . Seen this pretty neat tool for checking and getting the right angle on the bedknife . Toro also sells a digital gauge but the the one I have will do fine .  

Part# 131-6829

Playing around with it . Magnets pretty strong . 

Best grip on the top face . 


Digital gauge I found on amazon 

I'm just going to use the top face for measuring . Mount the angle gauge on after initial top face angle grinding position on the wear area . To get the 4 degrees I'm looking for I'll have to subtract from (-)side of angle finder. looking for 86 degrees. No matter what the bedbar wear is it's always going to be that angle . Remove gauge and finish set up .Doesn't compensate for reel wear  but I'm sure the factory measurements were pre determined for that . 

Top face not ground yet just showing that gauge on same position to get front face angle . 
Pretty impressive to see a few degrees difference between my dial indicator and Bernhards adjustable dial gauge .

After grinding 4 x 1600 Toros and a Jd 2500 everything set up with little to no contact .

Small investment for big gains . I like it !!. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

After grinding HOC set up table for Bernhard Grinder

Seen a few set ups on Twitter and forums that the techs made systems to adjust HOC on grinding or leveling tables . The idea is to have the cutting unit weight on the bearings for adjustment . Would make a difference on lower greens HOC (height of cut ) for sure . 

Mocking up the setup .

Using the leveling plate I was able to get it pretty accurate .

Getting it laid out and ready to tac weld before welding 

Checking it out with a reel on it .

Welded a couple of stoppers on top . Found it would be a little cumbersome to get the heavy reels on at first ,Then

by a fluke it fit perfectly on the grinders lift table . 

Now after grinding they can be rolled onto the table

and raised back up to a comfortable height for adjustment 

Nice little addition to the grinder .

Check and setting HOC with accue gauge

Really noticed the difference in reel to bed adjustment when flipping it back onto roller on stand . Had to readjust . With the weight on the reel bearings I had light contact we're on bench adjustment it was near no contact . 

On more pick with the solid reel mound Toro 1600 mower.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring 2017 finally here

Guys are starting to come back to work . Course is looking great and everyone is eager to get going .Our Clubhouse is nearing completion . Should be another great season here at The Links at Brunello .   Looken Good . 

Toro HDXD fuel pump bracket upgrade

We have 3 machines here that had failures to the fuel pump bracket .

They vibrate pretty good till it snaps the bracket 

There is a kit available if it does fail . 

Hmm took a while to figure out that the original J clip was never installed on all three machines which maybe why they failed in the first place .

My fuel lines were all zip tied of to the side 

Snipped ties off and run fuel line to location in directions . 

J clip goes on top bolt of clutch cable bracket .

Padded J clip 

New bracket installed . Not much of a difference or thickness

Rerouted line hooked back up . took 15 minutes . bracket bolts tighten up easily from underside . 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Toro MH 400 on lift brake check

Today the MH 400 came in for winter service . In the operators hand book it says to check the electric brakes and brake pad wear and to service brake shoe slides etc  yearly . We have a couple of seasons on our unit now . Looks to be a big job but with the lift I was able to do it myself . The guys help me push it on the lift but as an after thought I could have removed the bucket arm and rolled it in myself . 

I would have preferred to have it on the lift the other way and use the plate to pick it up in this section .But the wall and tool box plus length of machine at the rear didn't allow it . 

Putting the wheels ahead of the buckets made jacking it up possible on the lift .

Strap the tongue end down .

Jacked it up a bit and removed electric brake wiring . Put it back down and loosen wheel nuts on inside and outside tires right to the end of the studs ( so when you jack it up the wheels will bypass the frame ) . next remove the 4 bolts that hold each axle in place . 

After jacking it up roll both axles out . Drop the frame back to the ground . Its a pretty heavy unit and is safer here . Not quite as heavy as our JD 5055E tractor but I bet its close . 

Axles out and flip them up on end and remove the wheel ,,caution the wheel is pretty heavy .

remove the cotter pin and discard . replace with a new one . They seemed a little undersized . 

Remove the castle nut 

Pretty much the same as a regular brake but bigger . Only thing really difference is the coil for the electric brake . If its worn down to the point that you can see the wires ....replace . 

remove springs and slide shoes out to service guides . Remove any rust and lube . Not getting into much detail it was pretty basic . This post is mostly using my lift to get the job done easily.

A few more pics . Didn't realize how big these tires are till they are off the machine .

The belt made for a nice table to hold tools .

Raise the frame back up and roll axles back underneath . 

Pretty surprised on how easy it was to line up the blocks to drop bolts down in . Once you get 4 bolts per axle in lower the frame onto them and finish bolting them on . Re zip tie electric harness back up 

Done . Notice in the pic the buckets are off lift for easy backing out of the MH400 . Brake pads were in new condition and will tear down and check them in 3 years .in between I'll set up brake shoes and check for bad wheel bearings . Over all it was a pretty easy job . Always take care when working on the lift and remove and or tighten parts up when its sitting on the frame . Very very heavy . 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Toro 5800 radiator access 2015

I noticed on our Toro 5800 sprayer has a panel that was originally spot welded in place where the radiator is . Not a real big problem for me to clean the rad from the under side on the lift . But made more sense to chisel out the spot welds and get a piano hinge from the hardware store . I welded one side on the flip up panel through the holes . the other end was pop riveted to seat panel . No our irrigation tech can blow it out easily after use .

Looks ok

Took a while to figure out a simple solution to keep panel in place

Ended up sliding a washer under this tab I made and used a nylock nut to give it a little tension .
Works great .

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stihl on JD learning Curve Verticutters 7500

Thought I'd post this one from last summer . Some of our verticutters seemed pretty tight and hard to spin while others the plates seemed loose . I get a chuckle out of this find . In the past I've worked on Jac a Toro verticutters . They both had solid shafts and after changing blades you tighten the nut till you got the play out of the plates . 

Looks like its solid . I did snug up the loose ones .

Then one one set I noticed that the more I tried to snug up the loose plates the harder it was to spin ???

After closer inspection I found that the ends are separate pieces roll pined on . 

Takes very little torque on the nut to cut the pins off . 

Not a big deal but did learn something new to me . 

And thought I'd pass it on .