Thursday, February 15, 2018

Toro 5800 tank cradle inspection and clean up

Checking the cradle on our 5800 sprayer . I've read that some guys had checked theirs to see it in pretty hard shape . Even properly cleaned there are areas were chemicals are trapped . This sprayer has been on site for 4 years and had some time to pull the tank for a look . Not much holding on there put well supported and very easy to remove . We have all the bells and whistles on ours so there was a few extra hoses . The machine is pretty busy all season . Only unit we have so i'm taking extra time and checking it over good .  

Might need a hand getting the tank off . I managed ok but is a little awkward.

And its off . a fair amount of heavy scaling rust .

Impressed with the thickness of the steel used for cradle . Money well spent .  

Looks bad but ground it off with a medium stone grinding wheel .

Wear eye protection and mask lots of air born debris . Finished it of afterwards with a medium flap wheel . Turned out pretty good . 

Used the High solids primer and paint from Lawsons . Great stuff . 

Had some spent tubes laying around so decided to recycle them and contact cemented them over cradle .The original padding had all fallen off at one time or another . One was left . 

Light padding for the tank .

Doing the other side . Glue both contact surfaces and wait for it to dry clear then press them in place . 

Went to tighten this up and it broke apart in my hands . Maybe not chemical resistant plastic . New one on the way .

Tank and rinse tank reinstalled and leveled .

Going with sill gasket and doubling it up for under the straps . A little extra padding and will keep the rust off the tank . 

One strap cleaned up and painted. 3 to go.

For the cost you might as well replace all the hardware bolts . 

 A few more pics  

Waiting for paint to dry .Almost done and I give this machine a full fluid and filter service every season .

Even replacing hose clamps .

Straps back on just another attachment to clean up and put on this side . Should be good for another 4 years . 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Toro pro pass 200 spinner paddle rebuild

We've had this unit for a little over 3 years . The spinner paddles are nearing their end . Pretty sure they may have a half season left .  
Pretty neat pattern from end of season heavy top dressing . 

The last third near the outside are getting thin . 

I'm using some 2.5" x 1/4' carbon steel plate . I pre cut them out to the same shape . Then using the old paddle as a template to get the right curve . Heated it up cherry red and you can hear the metal kinking into shape . Let cool 

Fairly easy to cut the weld bead on the inside with a 4.5" cut off wheel and then hammer it back towards the mount to release it from it . 

First try . Welds up easy , Got a little wide on this one . Had to get some fog wipes for my glasses and shield . If you can't see clearly its harder  to weld . 

A little paint . Also right and left side paddles are a mirror image to each other and you need three of each . Take some pictures before you start for reference .  

Look as good as New . Wasn't reelly  that hard .

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toro HDXD front end play repair

We have 3 units here around 2015 vintage . I have notice when checking toe -in there is a lot of movement at least an 1" almost 2"on this one . I questioned the play when they were new machines but was only told to make sure they are well greased . So that's what I did and seemed to help for a bit.
Machines have 300 to under 600 hrs . Ones a top dresser . Not many hours for such an issue .  . 

Remove sheet steel behind seats , remove seats and all the handle ends and plate were they poke through . Lift seat section off to expose everything . I have the time today to figure out whats going on . 

This is how much trapped sand there is in steering and suspension . Most whats was left after the initial cleaning . Mostly USGA spec sand . 

I found the play to be on theses bearings mostly . Doesn't seem like much but a little here can equal and 1" at each wheel making it impossible to adjust toe - in .  Feel a little gritty !

After removing the seal the grease was impregnated with sand . I'm figuring that the position of the bearing on the machine and constant sand on them with the bearing moving back and forth it eventually wears through the seal letting sand in . ( in my opinion ) 

Left the ty-rods on when they were removed .

Baffling how much sand made it through the seal 

Off to the bearing store . 

Windshield washer container ???

New bearings easily installed . Ready to go back into machine . 

Oh the windshield washer container I trimmed down and put it here to make a little umbrella. My idea is to keep the sand off the bearing . 

Had to do this unit it's the one they use the most and has worn the front tires $$$ out .Still looking for the odd ball size .

Guys see the jack stands with a tire in center of flat plate for a second safety .You may want to pencil in a half day .If it comes apart easily or you can get at it with out removing seat cab it may take an hour . 

A little side view . took most of the play out . Some left on the bushings but should be able to get the toe in adjustment now . 

Part of the job ,new tech's . For me I don't see the point in replacing the bearing and do nothing to fix  or at least slow down the wear.

This post is not a color thing it's not even a problem thing . It's thinking outside the box to try to prevent an issue from happening so quickly again .

There is one good thing about Toro they do log in reports and evaluate from many sources to see if its any issue for concern . 
Excellent service for new machine warranties 99% of the time .

It was a little out . Good to go . I'll have to get the guys to blow water up in that area more often especially after hauling .

Have my top dresser on now same deal .All 3 machines need replacing . Looks like it can be done without removing seats etc .

Here is a video of silts and sand from only ONE bearing . Pretty sure sand is getting in the bushings to .Ill' have to try and figure something out next winter to prevent sand from getting in these area . Running out of time springs coming . Top dresser has 379 hours . machine this bearing came from 595 hours . My other unit has 433 hours . Very little hours . The machine with lesser hours are not showing tire wear but I'm expecting the 433 hour machine to start wearing tires out soon . Might have to go back and do that one if time allows . We're sand capped and run paved cart path only for carts mostly . 

Rotary TL 07 tips and pics

For the guys that are getting lifts for the first time . Congratulations and welcome to the 21 century of turf equipment repair . Lifts speed up production on repairs .Checking HOC safely can be done routinely with ease . Also makes catching hydraulics for potentially leaks a breeze.  

Ah a new lift what 

Installers finishing up adjustments . Our lifts are safety inspected yearly . Read instruction before using . Invest in a couple of tripod jacks it will make some jobs easier .I also have a bottle jack to use on the plate . When your using your lift you will notice lots mower /carts have the same wheel base. I marked lines and equipment # on lift at the points where the plate slides on .  A few pics below of my gear on lift . Everybody does things different . My preference is to back mowers onto flat plate . Keeping the plate fairly close to the uprights I find the weight distribution of engine and decks makes it mostly centered . For mowers I'll move the wheel buckets to marks before backing on . 

Some times I'll use a 4"strap to anchor machine to lift . I've seen a few pics of triplexes that have fallen off sideways .... not pretty . Always think before you start working on a machine . Weight distribution... prying or hammering on something . You don't want the machine rocking on lift  

I have 2 jobs on the go in this picture . Hdxd has some more service to be done but had an outside job for ski group to get tieded up . useing the lift for a paint booth works well . 

Usually if the buckets are off the wheels I'll strap one front wheel so when I drop lift temporarily a few clicks to get wheels of. once off Ill raise it back up to level  

Toro HDXD rear brake pad service . When its back to level I throw a 2x6 on bucket wheel bracket and slide it under axle .With the front wheel strapped ,leveled and a second safety of the 2x6 makes for safe work . 

Rookie years with a new lift . Not the way to do it . Now Putting stands under frame rails and dropping lift down raise it were you want it to work on safely . I also will throw a tire in middle area of flat plate for a second safety . 

Lots of lumber around to help out with the lift . 

Ah the old girl from the last shop she had 10690 hours when we sold it still mowing great . Lifts are great to make your work come to you . It's just not for overhead work . You can raise and lower many time to suit the job your doing . 

HOC adjustments on my reel mowers are made as they come off the course. To get a little height position the machine so the ROPS clear the stop bar .(old Shop )

No problem for the 5040 kubota with turf tires. A little grunting to get it up but tractor is still under the weight requirements. i only put these up to do hydraulic oil changes .The rest I do on the ground (old school ) ( old place pics )

Get those big fat tires centered on flat plate and put the park brake on . Been using a lift for a few years and still not comfortable with certain machines on lift .

Sometimes you have to think about the job your doing . This lift had 3 wheel on lift and one bucket slid under framing so one rear wheel could hang down .I'm remove axles get access to rear end cover to replace some bad bearings in rear end . 

another angle of lift ( old shop )

You get the idea now ,same on TX gator

In this pic I now put top dresser the other way . Front wheels on plate and if I want the dump up , raise off the floor a bit and strap the front wheel and start machine to raise the dump bed . With Hopper up it makes the front pretty light . Actually really light you could lift it off the lift with your hands. If your doing wheel work leave hopper down . Also empty and as clean as possible . 

I was a little surprised on the weight of the 5800 Toro sprayer we have . You don't even have to check the weight . When your using the lift a lot you get to know by the sound and How quick it drops down .

The JD 4320 lift easy doesn't sound any different than a rough unit or fairway mower .

JD 2500 E great little unit . Must be just blowing out some debris before putting it up for cut adjustments . 

I only load this guy on for hydro changes and don't put it up to high . Our Beast JD 5055E . Dropping the front attachment lightens it up and I can get on the lift easier . Every bit as heavy as the Kubota 5040 . Caution easy them down they will drop quickly . 

Even tractor implements can be loaded on with loader . I always put the attaching end on the plate (on a jack stand sometimes)and always strap it down 

Made quick work to pull front axle out to replace pinion seal .The flat plate is close to upright post to keep weight centered for this job .

Like I said think of the job your doing and can it be done on the lift 

welded up the buckets for traction to get the smoothy tire machines on lift easily. Seen It on a twitter picture in a guys shop . Great idea .  

My widest machine JD 8800 . Now a days I strap the rear wheel . There is barely enough room to get tires off with out clearing top of bucket ramps . Once off I'll put the buckets in far enough and put it on hub (level) . I may start putting this unite on the other way . May be safer and more room to get the front tires off for park brake cleaning and adjustments . 

Even the rollers go on . Easy to clean and grease .

My mod to keep ramp from sliding . The awd and 4 wheel drive machines can kick them back on ya . It can get frustrating . This mod works great 

Marks for ramp position before loading machines on . Some machine like HDXD I'll drive the front on flat plate and jack rear in center to slid buckets in . 

magnetic trays are stuck everywhere on my lift .

Power extension cord 

Air line . this one has the oil drip for air tools . 

Enjoy your new lift and take your time figuring things out . 
When using your lift make sure that you drop it back onto the safety latches . ( safety latches ? ) Yes that's the clicking noise you here as its going up . Once your lift is in the work position desired ,drop it down till it rests . This way you won't load hydraulic lines with pressure . One more tip I can think of is if your going to hammer or pull on a part hard and wheels are on plates you can put a tripod jack under center of flat plate and center of machine between bucket ramps .