Thursday, October 12, 2017

John Deere Park Brake adjustment

Operators manual and service CD have no mention of adjustments that can be made other than pedal neutral so traction pedals don't bind on application . 
One of my operators mentioned that his machine wouldn't hold with the park brake anymore . 
I check the linings and they seemed to have plenty of wear left in them .Checking in the parts book the brakes are only available as an assembly ? Asking the dealer about this they said there is a brake service kit available for $150 dollars CHEAPER ? Guys on the tech site showed the assembly to be 233.XX$ US . So for 143.00 $ Canadian (kit) a side you can rebuild your park brake . Another example of absurd pricing . (This is not a JD thing all colors do it ) so when ordering parts always ask how much no matter what it is . To me this pricing is way out of line and the brake pads should be available.  

After taking a closer look at the brake I could see were an adjustment could be made .

In this area I'm pointing to there are washers and shims for the actuator . Maybe the shims are available because there is a break down of individual parts for purchase .  

Taking a few shims out and replacing it with a washer 

few picks of parts . keep track of how they go back together

First attempt I didn't take shims out and it was snug on disc . Taking 2 a side out did the trick . 

As good as new holds well on slops now . 

Sometimes in this field you have to figure it out yourself . When the park brake pads are worn down to far i'll be resurfacing them myself if the hardware looks good . 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shop made mulching deck for JD 7400

We currently are running JD 8800 and 7400's . Very pleased with the 8800 but the 7400 cuts good put leaves a lot of clumping grass behind . Oh  "A NOTE OF CAUTION ON THIS UNIT IF YOU HAVE YOUR FOOT ON THE TRACTION AND YOU HIT THE PTO THE MACHINE WILL LAUNCH AT MACH 1 A GOOD 50 FEET .Only GOD CAN HELP YOU IF SOMEONES IN THE WAY OR YOU FACING A POND !!!!! "
I did price up the actual deck mulch kit but found the price a bit steep $$$.$$ for what it was . So I made some from a few old bedknives .

Took a toro bedknife and basically snapped the harden steel off about an 1.5" on both ends . The right side was pretty much a 90 degree angle the other side has a steeper angle . They welded up nicely . 

zip tied the top 

and used the original bedknife bolt hole for the side 

Pretty much the same after cut appearance as our 8800 . 90% improvement around out Tee decks . Tends to drop the clippings on cart path but the pro force Toro blowers will make quick work on the clean up .

Its amazing what you can make from scrapped bedknives !!!!
Cost of material = a little mig wire and an hours time to do all 3 . 
Its a keeper . 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Toro greensmaster 1600 squaring drum to reel and belt adjustment

A while back while doing a morning drive around checking cuts I noticed a 4 " area on outside of drum not getting cut ?I did Square the reel to drum to find out later that a drum bearing had let go . 

Bearing replacement was easy and straight forward .

Invest in a bench plate . get the biggest one you can afford . Not used a lot but in this situation is the perfect tool for an accurate job . 

26" mower just fits . I strap the front down to hold reel on 1/4 gauge bar .

Front face of bedknive should contact front of bar as in picture above . We are squaring the actual reel to the rear drum drives .

In this case the adjustments are made on the right hand drum belt side . Remove cover.

Loosen 4 bolts through gear openings . You may need a pry bar to have drum fully seat on bench plate before and during tightening bolts back up . There is a 10 mm spec tolerance  for drum gap . Double check afterwards before reassembling . 

While your already here you might as well check the drum belts . Mine are checked every oil change . Guys that tend to snap them on and off will usually snap the left drum belt . 

Drum belt

Loosen back side of idler gear . By turning the front nut the camber in bolt will adjust the belt . 

Belt should deflect 1/4" at 4 to 5 pounds pressure .

Monday, July 31, 2017

JD TX Park brake adjustment

Park brake adjustment .

if your lever is all the way up and you can't get it to hold you may have to adjust on the caliper.

Back cable adjuster till it's completely loose .

 Go to the rear caliper (also check pads are in spec before proceeding )
remove nut and helper spring.

Turn the actuator in the direction that brakes are applied till it stops . Reinstall arm back to the closet position towards rear of machine . Reinstall nut and spring 

Go back to brake lever adjuster and adjust till it just contacts on first click . Wheels should lock up good by the 3rd click . 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back up ball picker

Part of our job is problem solving . Last season we had an issue with the ball picker (primary old fairway unit ) of course its during the time I'm off for a my 4 day long week end vacation with my kids and grandkids .
The cart staff have an MDX to transport range balls . Last winter during ball picker service I ordered extra mounts to install on machine . This way if I'm not round they can drop the wings on the 5 gang picker and use the MDX .

It was an older machine and came with a push bar already so install was quick and easy . We wanted it to be safe for the staff to use on the range so was asked to build a cage for it too . 
This way the range didn't have to close for picking .

Welding up some sturdy mounts to build on .  

Fair amount of work to get it to this point .

Now with a solid level base it was easy to weld the rest in place . 

Lots of pics at different stages . My answer to the tailgate falling open (bumpy ride) dumping a load of range ball issue .

Filling in with 3/4 mesh .

Left a large window opening .

Built a flip up cage for when its not needed . It makes your eye go pretty buggy if you don't .

Heavy duty straps hold it in easily

Made a bracket for front screen to flip onto to keep it from bouncing around .
Save a few dollars with a plywood roof and also keeps the sun off them .

Shown here almost done . Only a removable door left and filling in a few gaps . Turned out great . Staff really like it . 

5800 sprayer upgrade

Recently we had issues with clogged nozzle. Usually when doing fairways and pressure is up on the auto spray . Asked Bill at Veseys to see if it possible to install a filter before the manifolds to keep debris out . I could have ordered nozzles screens but found in the past to be a tedious task to clean them all up . Figuring this location would make it a much easier . It was mention that a filter before manifold are on some of the new sprayers . 

Parts are in. Very reasonably priced . 

cut this section out of line 

Total install time < 10 minutes . New spray tech has sprayed all his areas in the past few weeks with no spray nozzle issues .

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shopping around Aftermarket

This is not about Toro but about the time spent looking for better deals for your club . 
Just using this example . In the past many items have come up from all colors that were I find ridiculously over priced . Techs out there know what I mean . 
We are Toro /JD split course and both have their ups and downs but in our area provide pretty good service and presentation  .

 Here is and example of what you may come across . Spiral spring for a Subaru small engine found on most Toro walkers . ( we have 11 of them )
Above on the left we have a Toro part at $66  . Upon questioning the price the dealer could get the exact product from Subaru for $35 dollars . I took a shot in the dark and ordered a rotary # for a Honda g20 engine spiral spring  for $14 dollars . Worked prefect.

Not a fan of the carburetors or pull starters on these engines .  

Pulled the pull starter off the engine 

Righty loosy in this case . 

Installed new spring 

Re assembled with a smaller size string ( suggestion on golftechs site )

Re string .

 actually starts better than the OEM and the string fully retracts now were before it would randomly stick down 4 to 5". Not just this one ALL 11 OF THEM .
$66 - $14 =$52 if I were to replace 10 more $520 .!!!! it can add up . its just a spring might not be OEM but for the price I'll take my chances . Mind you OEM is better in some cases but not this time .