Thursday, April 19, 2018

Garbage can carrier ( Twitter find )

Seen a similar item on Twitter this past winter . Had just enough left over material for the build 

Mocking up a tray for the cans .

 Easy build . Had to step it up so it wont drag on some of our cart path hills . 

Looks good ready to weld up 

Used the old spinner paddles for handle hooks . Had the right curve to keep them in place . Screen welded in place for bottom of tray.


And painted . 

Easy build great ideas . Guys are making comments already . 

Lots of great ideas out there . 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hectors Shop Grease gun modification

Watch Hectors Shops video .
The idea is to remotely mount gun so your not having to deal with the extra weight . Frees up a hand to grease too . I do a fair amount of greasing so it will save wear and tear on my hands and wrist . 


 First step was to run 2 wires of the switch on the gun . Pretty easy to remove side cover . I trimmed a bit of overlapping plastic inside ( inside thumb area ) so wires didn't get pinched . 

Ordered another 18" extension and stainless steel couplers to attach them together . I have about 4' in length now but may go another length if it works out for me . 

Nice insulated 2 way switch .

 Running the wire for the switch 

Using connectors with the shrink wrap built in . 

I made a hook for now to try out . You can usually find a spot on machine to hook it up to use .

And done .

Working on a few rollers for a customer grind job it was pretty nice to hook it on my tool box .

About 1 to 1.5 hours to convert. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Fairway dew drag updates

Dew dragger in for a refit . It has been working flawlessly for a couple of seasons . Made some upgrade a while back that worked out great . This season I'll do more changes so we can dump the box . I'm also thinking of mounting a pro force blower in the box . That way it will have some dual purpose work while its out there . 

 Only keeping the arms and hitch section .

Old hardware from figuring out what will work over the years .

Fresh start.

New upright to hold arms up in transport

Playing around with ideas   

 This will work out great . a sliding hinge using rails from box to. 

 Washers and bolt will ride inside rail .

Looking good so far  

I video of it in action .

Going to use these bearings for arm pivots 

Made tabs to weld on old arms to mount 

Bunch of holes to find ideal spot . Then I'll cut the rest off later

Almost done 

Final assembly . Didn't have any 7/16 nyloc nuts ...sooo I decided to do this . 

Welding on the supports 

Done ready for paint  

I'll post a pic with blower in it later . Their out on the course with it at the moment .

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Detrailered Toro pro force blower

Nearing the end of winter maintenance .
Toro pro force blower in for a cleaning and service. Last season I seen a post on Twitter of one mounted to a tx gator . 

With some tight tee areas and hills it can be difficult to blow towing the trailer .So After discussing the idea with the senior staff it was a go . 

Step one I'm recycling a couple of hydraulic jugs .

After removing lids and cleaning them cut the bottoms out. Then cut from top to bottom .

Test fitting . Then bolted it to the shut . The second one was cut and wrapped around this one too filling in the gap .

Reason for extension is that on the dump bed there is around 22" difference . Now there is about 2"

Next ...remove wheels...fenders ...and hitch . 

Using 4 jack stands made quick work of it . 

I'll be using some hardware bolts to bolt new hardware on using original holes .

Using the beam mounted lift for a test to figure out center .

Ended up crossing chains and made mounts using axle bolts.Test fitting on gator. Boards are for spacers . I'm going to make metal ones that will bolt or weld on . 

Shut spins around no problem . 

There will have to be something built out from machine here to keep engine away from dump bed . 

Chain hardware .All bolted on so it can easily be put back to OEM if needed.

Made a couple of these using bolts from fenders .

Prime and painted . They will keep it level and off the hitch mounting hardware . 

going to cross strap it in place on both sides . 

Had to weld this bump out on but won't affect with hitch if its turned back . Going to use these holes for cross strapping onto TX gator . 

Waiting for paint to dry .

Made this gauge to let them now when the shut is straight down . 

Picked up more straps today and paint should be dry tomorrow . It can be remove easily and rolled around on a movers dolly in the shops . I'll post more....later

And done had it out and works great . so much easier to use .

zip tie any loose straps and chain so it doesn't get sucked into turbin