Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Toro greensmaster 1600 squaring drum to reel and belt adjustment

A while back while doing a morning drive around checking cuts I noticed a 4 " area on outside of drum not getting cut ?I did Square the reel to drum to find out later that a drum bearing had let go . 

Bearing replacement was easy and straight forward .

Invest in a bench plate . get the biggest one you can afford . Not used a lot but in this situation is the perfect tool for an accurate job . 

26" mower just fits . I strap the front down to hold reel on 1/4 gauge bar .

Front face of bedknive should contact front of bar as in picture above . We are squaring the actual reel to the rear drum drives .

In this case the adjustments are made on the right hand drum belt side . Remove cover.

Loosen 4 bolts through gear openings . You may need a pry bar to have drum fully seat on bench plate before and during tightening bolts back up . There is a 10 mm spec tolerance  for drum gap . Double check afterwards before reassembling . 

While your already here you might as well check the drum belts . Mine are checked every oil change . Guys that tend to snap them on and off will usually snap the left drum belt . 

Drum belt

Loosen back side of idler gear . By turning the front nut the camber in bolt will adjust the belt . 

Belt should deflect 1/4" at 4 to 5 pounds pressure .

Monday, July 31, 2017

JD TX Park brake adjustment

Park brake adjustment .

if your lever is all the way up and you can't get it to hold you may have to adjust on the caliper.

Back cable adjuster till it's completely loose .

 Go to the rear caliper (also check pads are in spec before proceeding )
remove nut and helper spring.

Turn the actuator in the direction that brakes are applied till it stops . Reinstall arm back to the closet position towards rear of machine . Reinstall nut and spring 

Go back to brake lever adjuster and adjust till it just contacts on first click . Wheels should lock up good by the 3rd click . 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back up ball picker

Part of our job is problem solving . Last season we had an issue with the ball picker (primary old fairway unit ) of course its during the time I'm off for a my 4 day long week end vacation with my kids and grandkids .
The cart staff have an MDX to transport range balls . Last winter during ball picker service I ordered extra mounts to install on machine . This way if I'm not round they can drop the wings on the 5 gang picker and use the MDX .

It was an older machine and came with a push bar already so install was quick and easy . We wanted it to be safe for the staff to use on the range so was asked to build a cage for it too . 
This way the range didn't have to close for picking .

Welding up some sturdy mounts to build on .  

Fair amount of work to get it to this point .

Now with a solid level base it was easy to weld the rest in place . 

Lots of pics at different stages . My answer to the tailgate falling open (bumpy ride) dumping a load of range ball issue .

Filling in with 3/4 mesh .

Left a large window opening .

Built a flip up cage for when its not needed . It makes your eye go pretty buggy if you don't .

Heavy duty straps hold it in easily

Made a bracket for front screen to flip onto to keep it from bouncing around .
Save a few dollars with a plywood roof and also keeps the sun off them .

Shown here almost done . Only a removable door left and filling in a few gaps . Turned out great . Staff really like it . 

5800 sprayer upgrade

Recently we had issues with clogged nozzle. Usually when doing fairways and pressure is up on the auto spray . Asked Bill at Veseys to see if it possible to install a filter before the manifolds to keep debris out . I could have ordered nozzles screens but found in the past to be a tedious task to clean them all up . Figuring this location would make it a much easier . It was mention that a filter before manifold are on some of the new sprayers . 

Parts are in. Very reasonably priced . 

cut this section out of line 

Total install time < 10 minutes . New spray tech has sprayed all his areas in the past few weeks with no spray nozzle issues .

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shopping around Aftermarket

This is not about Toro but about the time spent looking for better deals for your club . 
Just using this example . In the past many items have come up from all colors that were I find ridiculously over priced . Techs out there know what I mean . 
We are Toro /JD split course and both have their ups and downs but in our area provide pretty good service and presentation  .

 Here is and example of what you may come across . Spiral spring for a Subaru small engine found on most Toro walkers . ( we have 11 of them )
Above on the left we have a Toro part at $66  . Upon questioning the price the dealer could get the exact product from Subaru for $35 dollars . I took a shot in the dark and ordered a rotary # for a Honda g20 engine spiral spring  for $14 dollars . Worked prefect.

Not a fan of the carburetors or pull starters on these engines .  

Pulled the pull starter off the engine 

Righty loosy in this case . 

Installed new spring 

Re assembled with a smaller size string ( suggestion on golftechs site )

Re string .

 actually starts better than the OEM and the string fully retracts now were before it would randomly stick down 4 to 5". Not just this one ALL 11 OF THEM .
$66 - $14 =$52 if I were to replace 10 more $520 .!!!! it can add up . its just a spring might not be OEM but for the price I'll take my chances . Mind you OEM is better in some cases but not this time . 

Large area rotary deck wash

If your not on Twitter you are missing a lot of knowledge and helpful ideas .
Found this one day and is a great solution to getting decks clean . Simple and not expensive .

I used 1" Ipex and an elbow

I'm not going to use the valve in case the guys leave it on pressurizing hose . Find a connector to hook up to wash rack hose . 

Did a quick and easy job of them . Operators are happy and so am I . No more clippings falling on me from blowing under decks when their on the lift . 

Twitter find ....Nice and easy !!! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Toros bedknife angle indicator mount

Recently I went to a Toro seminar over at Veseys . Seen this pretty neat tool for checking and getting the right angle on the bedknife . Toro also sells a digital gauge but the the one I have will do fine .  

Part# 131-6829

Playing around with it . Magnets pretty strong . 

Best grip on the top face . 


Digital gauge I found on amazon 

I'm just going to use the top face for measuring . Mount the angle gauge on after initial top face angle grinding position on the wear area . To get the 4 degrees I'm looking for I'll have to subtract from (-)side of angle finder. looking for 86 degrees. No matter what the bedbar wear is it's always going to be that angle . Remove gauge and finish set up .Doesn't compensate for reel wear  but I'm sure the factory measurements were pre determined for that . 

Top face not ground yet just showing that gauge on same position to get front face angle . 
Pretty impressive to see a few degrees difference between my dial indicator and Bernhards adjustable dial gauge .

After grinding 4 x 1600 Toros and a Jd 2500 everything set up with little to no contact .

Small investment for big gains . I like it !!.