Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Gadgets on site

I started of Blogging as a new tech many years ago because there wasn't much available out there in the way of education for new people to learn about turf equipment maintenance and repair .
My blog site seems to be doing what I intended it for . That's to get the word out about what we do for our clubs and getting a peek at the daily jobs and problems we're faced with .By Blogging it got the word out that we are here . Hard to think that such a position gets overlooked at times and personally believe it's just because we are working in the background keeping things organized and rolling .Invisible man syndrome I use to call it .It has gotten much better with social media and Organizations ( to many to mention)and industry leaders like Stephen Tucker ,Hectors Shop , Golftechs ( to name a few ) promoting and paying forward to what we do . National recognition awards to honour techs really help and maybe entice new people into our side of this industry .
Also great to see more bloggers out there putting time in to help others .
Good turf equipment mechanics are becoming scares and anything we can do to get new blood involved is a big plus . This past year a few of the guys retired in their 70's hanging in there hoping for replacements .
It's a great trade ( and it should be recognized as such ) and now with educational material and lesson plans available at GCSAA it should make for a smoother transition from another mechanical field .   
Turf techs also stick together always willing to help a colleague out to get them out of a jamb to keep the gear rolling . 
Social media (twitter , face book etc)great way to connect with everyone all over the world in the trade . I've used the direct message or private messages to give advice and ideas or to ask for it to . Your always learning something new online from one tech or another . It's great . 
My blog has gone from sort of a diary to a learning tool for some .
Hope you enjoy the site and I'm always open to suggestions ,ideas or corrections to make it better . 
For the seasonal guys hope your wintering well ...springs just around the corner . Can't wait to get back to the summer routine . 

If you like my blog and want to support what I do you can donate any amount to the new gadget on the side bar . 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

TX gator secondary buttons install

subject has come up mon a few forum post .I thought I'd post what I do .
Some guys where removing them and taking them apart . This is a much easier way. You could remove exhaust tip and do it on a bench but I haven't tried it .

Worn down quit a bit . Wont last the next season . Only the one side wears . The button kit has all the buttons . 

 Actually done the same way as the instructions that come with the kit

Remove the top lift mount 

Then strap it back so it doesn't knock you on the head . makes for easy access.

only takes a second to remove mud flap for easier access .

 I'm removing this guard for pictures . The rear bolt is easier to take off from the underside .

Have to do starter brushes too so I'm just remove this one to .

Slide belt off.

Have a bit of a bum hand this week so I was able to hold it steady with a pry bar and pull up on inside one to wedge a small 3/8 extension between buttons on one section . This way 2 of them can be done then reposition to do the last one . On a second note you might be able to pinch a large vise - grip on outside one and let it hit the rear end to jamb it . ( haven't tried that yet )

Now using a pic and small screwdriver .Ill wedge it out .  

Sometimes they will break

don't panic you can push it down with a pic or blow it out with air , wear safety glasses if your blowing it out . 

now install the new one . square it up and wedge it down using ramps and a small pry bar. Try to keep it centered or you may snap the end off . Which I have done before . Still installed a broken one with adhesive . The pressure from ramp will keep it in place . Haven't had any issues with them falling back out. 

Not much point but I'll change these ones to . They may get brittle anyway from heat .

Using a screw driver here with a twisting motion works best I find .

Same deal press in place 

 Move your wedge to finish the last one .

Look from the underside for the rear shield bolt if you decide to remove it . 

And done .

Almost . use dry graphite lube to reduce wear
. I spray it when I do oil changes . 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trap Rake storage

Looking around the shops for problem areas and finding homes for stray
items . We have lots of rakes even after they are put out on the course .

Taking up valuable space on commercial racking .

There in a few different areas and get knocked down often when try to get items of that we need during the season . Joel ( assistant )and Kyle( 2nd assistant/spray tech )
 wondered if we could come up with a solution to our little annoying problem .

Made up 5 hangers to use for rack anchors .

Made a 24' section today that will hold 50 to 60 rakes . Plan on making one or two smaller one to get most of them of the shelving in the shop .

 Kyle gave me a hand to hang this one . Usually I can figure something out do to jobs on my own ...but this thing was quit awkward. Looks good, plan on filling this wall from one end to the other on Monday .    

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Toro 5800 planetary gear service

These Planetary gear fluids should be changed yearly at the very least . There are quit a few comments on how tediously  this job is . The 85 w 140 flows like molasses in a cold shop . Original idea I heard from dealer tech ( Bill @ Veseys ) and decided to make something using his idea and ideas from Golftechs .

The plug holes ( 4 of them 2 inside and two on the out side facing you ) are 7/16 - 20 thread . Pick up theses at Lawsons

 The 1/4 brass nut will work ok . One end has seat .Making up a double flare line . Double flared not so much for pressure but needed a bump out so nut will seal it up easily against fitting . 
 For guys that haven't made proper brake lines this is how its done . Cut pipe length you need . Bore out hole a bit otherwise you will have a bugger of a time getting the double flare tool out . 

Put it in holder (1/4"in this case ) and flip double flare tool upside down as a guide for length sticking out of clamp . 

 Flip flare tool over and put in tubing .

Press it in till it bottoms out .

Pull tool out and you should see a near perfect start to your double flare .

With out tool press in again a bit to flatten it out .

And done . If your making brake line I would advise to put your fittings on first . Lol you'll know why . 

Lightly clamp in vise 

And snug up . 

Here is my gizmo with pipe I just made attached . Yes its a spaghetti Jar . I'm going to keep an Eye out for a jar with a sturdier lid . I drill 2 holes in top a couple of sizes smaller than hose I'm using . One side with tubing will go to near bottom of jar the other just has to poke through a bit . 

A test run perfectly . 

5 psi was enough to move that thick gear oil easily . Wouldn't hurt to warm the gear oil up a bit before starting . 

Draining the outside .Drain plug should be straight down leaving the other plug at the 3 or 9 o'clock position . 

Then the inside . If your in a warm shop it shouldn't take to long .

There are access holes to get at the 3 o'clock plugs out on the inside 

Filled my jar up with 85 w 140 then keeping the pressure on at 5 lbs waited for it to come out the 3 o'clock hole . The instructions are vague in the operators manual you have to do this to both sides . If you do just one it won't have the right amount of gear oil because it takes a long time for oil to transfer itself to the inside. You can leave the plugs out on the inside it will be barely trickling out when your done this side .   

On to the inside ones . See barely any coming out . 

Hooking up to bottom plug on inside 

Then after it seeps out put plug in and let rest of pressure out on pressure gun . You will loose a little when detaching this time so be ready with plug . 

Just another picture 

Toro had to get me this spacer on one side of machine . Park brake wire was rubbing on tire till it popped . 

All done . check for leaks and just snug all plugs in . Warm shop and warm oil after tools are out maybe 10 minutes a side easily . 

I had also tried to vacuum oil in from 3 o'clock positon sucking it up from bottom but found it took to long .