Sunday, July 31, 2011

Locking out Hydro caps on Toro Equipment

This a great Idea from one the guys on the tech sites . I use it often on my Toro equipment where the gas/ fuel cap is in the same general area .You just drill a hole in the top lip of cap and use a zip tie to secure it , keeping staff from twisting it off to fuel up the hydro system .

Home madefolding Pipe rack for irrigation work .

I made this for one of the heavy haulers , The idea came from one of the staff that came here from British Colombia to work for a few seasons . He saw it back home and explained it to me . Works very well . They guys fold it it out as needed . It was once tented in the spring ( raining out ) so one of the guys could sit inside to mend the nets that protect the surrounding homes .

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fertilizer Spreader mount for square hitches .

Made a couple of these for the guys last winter . I was surprised on how well it worked and they enjoyed using them . I had made one to fit a spreader the previous year But they ordered a different model . This time I made it adjustable .

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Foley Pump moved

I hated the fact that the water stayed in the grinder while it was not being used . I moved the pump to a container under the the grinder . Now I have the pump suspended in a piece of Styrofoam to float the pump in the liquid . This latest plan came from our gardener .

In 2014 I'm going to this set up 

Every course I'm sure can get these buckets from the kitchen . The pump is sitting on a brick inside bucket .

Also covered up the old location

Best thing ever .No more tray of water . Liquid just circulates by going down the hose attached in the drain location into bucket .The bucket is easily removed for cleaning or replacing . If you have a problem on first start up for the season ..remove hose on grinder and let it run under the water level . it will pick up the flow almost right away . 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Grease .........................Bar none

We use swepco 103 here for the past 4 to 5 years . With the exception of sealed bearings we have lost next to zero bearings . Previously we use do complete tear down on reels every winter now I just check them by feel and so far so good .To give you an idea on savings ...... 2 - 3810's seals bearings races including rollers $1000.00. I think the little bit more I pay is well worth it , that doesn't count for a weeks wages to do the two machines .     Also starting to use the 306 motor oil , which covers my diesels and gas engines . I replace it once a year ( seasonal )and only change the filters as needed . I'm planning to get some oil test done on some of our bigger hard working machines and see were we are at for performance of the oil and would like to figure out how much longer I can leave it in for . Just top up all season as needed . The vangaurds with their shorter change out times I'm going to change as per manual for now . I'm trying the hydro oil in a couple of my old GK IV and find they are running cooler . One of the GK IV has over 9000 hrs.

Mechanics Best Friend

Coming in on a tilt load trailer 

Sorting of parts

Installers getting things ready

Running all the hardware before

the Lift.

WOW freaken awesome !!!

Checking it out . Eventually I wound up backing in from the bay door your looking at and reversing the plates .

Best Christmas Present ever . Took about 3 hrs. for them to set up . I'm using it daily and I couldn't do with out one now. Really speeds things up in daily adjustment . I now come in early and put my wide area rotaries on and change out blades Daily , also frees up so much time that I can adjust and grease the big machinery directly as they come of the wash rack . All those crappy jobs that you try to get away with delaying it for winter work is done right away now with the lift . Took a little getting use to it and also walking under it . Always wear my hard hat now , and a good thing to . Makes adjustments on the tri-plex machines a dream .I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt .Lol

Want to speed up production / repairs and give a reely big smile on your tech's face .Get him a lift .
Especially if you have the ceiling height . I think we need 13' 6" for this one . So much cheaper for you guys in the states .

Found It

Back in February 2010 we had a tractor stolen from our sister course and was missing for sometime . We found it and I helped them out getting the tractor out of the swamp . At first look ,it didn't look hopeful?? The tech from the other course got some heavy duty chain and we wrapped them around a group of trees and used a cum-along to wrench it out . The new course guys chain sawed the ice away from the tractor . Eventually  we managed to wedge some boards around the rear wheels and it started to pull free. After it was out we put a tarp on it and put a salamander under to thaw it out . I had to leave for hockey but they managed to start it and drive it back to the course . Just in time too , the next day we had over 20 cm. of snow . That was an exciting and different day .

A good half mile back in the woods .

Any deeper in the swamp and the engine would have been toast.

Was feeling hopeless.

Then it broke free

Once we got the back wheels up it was smooth sailing from there 

A good hour of a propane heater going thawed the controls out enough to start . 

Sod Cutter Trailer


A video of how easy it is to transport and load on .

Material list

I started out by laying out the frame on the shop floor to figure out what angles to cut of the rough stock cuts . 
I slide the axle under the rear to see where the rear section of framing will go . 
Next I tacted in the box frame sections . 
The rear I used the U stock for better axle support plus in this business the wheel/hub may get ripped off by a tree or bridge . Makes for and easy change of axle if needed .You could just weld it to the frame if you wanted . Also this is my first one . I would use large C clamps to hold the uprights in place and pre try it on sod cutter before drilling the holes . Also if your using taller tires it will change where the uprights will be . Keeping it closer to the ground will make it more stable and easier to pull sod cutter onto trailer . 
The uprights If I make another one would use 1/4" flat stock next time . 

A little paint and done for around $500 .

 Close up of how it attaches to sod cutter . These are the actual factory pick up area for this sod cutter . The U channel below was to keep the wheels in place so it doesn't rock . Some times the depth of cut may keep it from fully loading so you may have to unadjusted .

I made one of these from pic's posted from fellow tech's . With a little practice and basic welding skills this turned out to be a great project . All the staff were amazed how easy it was to use . The biggest trick was to find the right balance with the uprights by moving them closer to the front or back  to be able to pull it down .

Easy Race removal

Passing this tip along that I tried after reading it a few times on tech sites .

.  Run a bead in the center of race 

 Wait a few minutes and usually you can tap the sides of roller and they fall out. If not I just use the single claw with the sliding hammer and they come out with little effort .

 This is the way I always do them now . I did the pic's on a GK IV rear axle for a better shot but I usually only use this idea for roller races

Cushman Starter Ring

Passing this along . We had an issue with the starter not engaging the flywheel . I pulled the starter and saw that the ring was worn badly . I ordered a new part.

When I remove the transmission I noticed the starter ring was a pressed on item . Just pry off .

Flip the ring over and press back on .

Now the worn section is on the opposite side for many years more use  .

I have had this transmission out a few times and was easily removed on jack stands . This back in the days of no lift in the shop.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My first blog

(updated 01/10/2016)

 I'm starting a Blog to show future mechanics what is involved in some of the daily processes of a golf course technician .We are the hidden hero's of the golf course and some people/clubs in the business have no idea what we do . Although we are seldom mentioned or praised we are the ones that keep equipment running/maintained and sharp for the crew and keeping things organized for a smooth operation . ((01/10/16) since this original post our recognition in this industry is changing thanks to people like Stephen Tucker who are out there engaged with industry people on our behalf) and Hectors Shop for going on the road a making a difference . Hopefully other technicians will jump on board and add comments or ideas to help each other out as I figure this Blog out . There are many Golf Equipment Technician sites available for us , which I'll will post later . Not trying to take away from other sites but trying to give an inside look at what the job entails . Thank you  for joining and watching Bobs Shop .


Equipment manager who helped usher in a new era for his peers is recognized by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Lawrence, Kan. (Dec. 29. 2015) - At 37, Stephen Tucker, equipment manager at Tranquillo Golf Club at Four Seasons in Golden Oak, Fla., may seem too young to be awarded his profession’s equivalent of a lifetime achievement award. However, in just 16 years in the profession, Tucker helped found a national membership organization for golf course equipment managers, oversaw development of the first recognized certificate program for technicians, and ushered the organization’s members into the next phase of opportunities. For his efforts, Tucker is being honored with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America’s 2015 Edwin Budding Award. 
The Edwin Budding Award, named for the inventor of the lawnmower and presented in partnership with Ransomes/Jacobsen, is given to equipment managers and related innovators, technicians, educators, or engineers who have made a significant impact in the golf and turf business.
Tucker will be presented with the award in January at the British and International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association’s Turf Management Exhibition in Harrogate, England.  
“It’s very humbling to be chosen for the Budding Award,” Tucker said. “But I feel that I still have a lot more to do in the industry. I would also not be where I am without all the leaders and volunteers I had with me. I want to accept the award on behalf of all of those guys.” 
A native of Live Oak, Fla., and a graduate of Lake City College (now Florida Gateway College), Tucker has spent more than 16 years in the industry and was instrumental in the formation of the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association in 2007. He said he began contacting other equipment managers from across the country to form an association so that the career path for equipment managers could be more than just going from job to job. IGCEMA would eventually become a partner in the annual Golf Industry Show and establish a certificate program that recognized technicians for demonstrating proficiency in six key competencies. Tucker would serve as the first president of IGCEMA and eventually become its executive director.
“Stephen Tucker truly personifies the ideas behind the Budding Award,” GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans said. “His innovative thinking helped establish a network of knowledge and camaraderie for equipment managers from coast to coast. His efforts not only benefitted equipment managers, but the facilities they serve and the industry as a whole.”
In just a few short years, however, IGCEMA was starting to feel the weight of its own success. Tucker said the association, which offered memberships for free and relied on volunteers, would need to consider hiring paid staff to increase IGCEMA’s offerings, as its growth had outpaced its resources. Tucker had originally entered the golf industry through a friend who was studying to be a superintendent and always understood the partnership between the two disciplines, so after meeting with GCSAA Past President Patrick Finlen, certified golf course superintendent and general manager at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, the answer was clear.
“It was going to be difficult to push ahead, so we had to ask the question: What was best for equipment managers moving forward?” Tucker said. “GCSAA was the answer to that.”
On April 27, 2015, GCSAA and IGEMA approved a membership union between the two organizations. IGCEMA would dissolve, and GCSAA would offer an equipment manager membership classification. While this meant the end of IGCEMA, it also meant greater professional development and networking opportunities for equipment managers. As part of the agreement, GCSAA took over the Edwin Budding Award. 
It seemed a natural progression to Tucker, who said he has always seen a positive relationship between equipment manager and superintendent as key to a great golf operation. The feeling is mutual with Tranquillo GC’s superintendent, GCSAA member Rusty Wilson.
“Stephen is always pushing innovation and how to make things easier while improving the overall golf course product.” Wilson said. “Stephen is the best of the best, and he should be recognized for all of his efforts – not only for doing his day-to-day job, but his continued efforts to raise the bar within the golf industry."

Thanks Stephen for all that you do 
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