Wednesday, September 28, 2011

President electric front end damage

Came in looking a lot worse than it really was . 90 % of the time it's the A frame piece bends . It's designed to collapse on impact to protect the frame I'm assuming . A sturdy A frame is available but prefer to go with the original design . I would rather do this repair than send a frame out to get welded . Easy job , front bumper removed and rack steering unbolted from frame to get access to the bolts holding the a frame suspension piece in . The second pick shows how badly they can get bent . Took less than .5 hour with air tools and a lift also had to adjust the alignment slightly afterwards .

Day after coring

They looked pretty good after a good watering and roll . Today they cut them using our old GK4 that is designated to cut after work being done on greens . Saves a lot of wear on the good cutting equipment .

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall coring

Coring a little earlier this year . We split it over to days . We use the toro pro core 648 . Nice working low maintenance and problem free machine considering the work it does . We have the windthrow kit but still prefer to push 3 or 4 rows together . then we hand shovel them into machines .

Saturday, September 24, 2011

5410 bedknife attitued

After grinding and getting the first mow on them I notice the cut is not getting all the grass . It looks great but there are a few more stragglers than I would like . Friday I lowered the rear roller with the shims tipping the bedknive angle down in front should get me a more aggressive cut . I tried it out and was cutting more grass just after they mowed it . Coring greens on Monday . Seasons winding down.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grinding 5410's

Started grinding the first unit on Tuesday , ready to cut for Wednesdays mow . Today when they came in I started on the other . Noticed the bearings where a little loose and when I went to adjust them ( by feel no inch pounds torque wrench )the 1 3/8 nut moved a good 3/4 of a turn before it contacted anything . I snugged them till I felt a very slight resistance in the reel  . Did get over half way done grinding on this one today .  Also the 4300 D had a note on the board about a the center deck had lost a side pivot pin , the locking collar was still there and didn't even look welded . Found a tow pin with the same diameter to repair it .

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fairway topdressing

Spent the day putting down 100 tons of sand on the fairway tomorrow I have another 100 tons . We used our 5040 kubota tractor 4wd with turf tires and borrowed the cr 10 from the sister course . Putting it down heavy and the super is doing a good job matting it in . Going to mow with only one fairway unit for a couple of days then I'll bring it in to grind the reels and bedknives . In total we got about 245 ton out . in 2.5 days

Friday, September 9, 2011

Toro 3150 Q towing a PGM mower

Cut down and shape some heavy plate steel 

The original metal stock looks like a lift arm from an old 60" deck gravely.

Drilled a couple of holes and bolt in place 

Piece of cake to do two jobs at once .

Boss wanted me to make a hitch for the tri-plex . Our greens are fairly small and can develope the tri-plex ring in a few days . We are going to tow the PGM to do the cleanup cut . Good mow , should work great .

Worked great at the time and may be going back to this again this year when we triplex. You guys out there in the market for triplexes spend the extra few bucks and get the Toro Tri Flex . We demoed one and it is an awesome machine . You won't get the clean up cut ring around the green .

GK IV circlip problem

I have one reel head ( fairly new reel ) that won't keep a c-clip in . The original one was forced out from a jolt of some sort causing the seat area to be chewed up a bit . I tore it apart to day and I'm trying to clean up the grooves with a hacksaw file ( perfect fit ) . I 'll have to wait and see if it works . Also one of the guys on the tech sites posted that their is 2 sides of a C-Clip the sharp ( non rounded ) edge should be facing out . Hmm , Learn something new everyday  Passing it on .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Temperary repair

Cracked/broken tab.

Double up mechanics wire and wrap around good side 

Then wrap it under and over lip and back to broken side .Wrap around bolt ( clock wise ) and snug down .

Checking over one of the 5410 toro fairway units to find a broken reel motor , broken off at the mounting tabs . I did a temp. fix till the parts come in . Sometimes you have to try to keep the gear going while waiting for a part if it's possible . Part on the way , might be covered under warranty .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dew whip pole mount for toro triplex

Made this from a piece of pipe laying around the shop . Welded washer to the bottom to let water out .

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Broken reel land repair

Cutting piecing in stock from an old bedknife

get it pretty close and weld in place

grinding out welds

Had one machine come in with almost new reels on it . Rear reel had 3 chunks out of it and one front one had 1 piece out of one . Instead of throwing it out I repaired it like this . It's our approach cut mower , cutting at .5 " . and I have done it in the past with good success . I used an old bedknife and cut the pieces out that I needed . I started off squaring up the breaks and used a stick welder with 1/16 th rod around 40 amps . to weld most of it in . on the cut side i turned the welder as low as i it would go so it wouldn't burn through . I also left the bedbar set up so I could grind of the extra . Then throw it on the grinder to finish off . My 3 broken lane jac reel cut all the way across like new afterwards .