Thursday, October 30, 2014

Aera-vator service

We don't use this machine often but they do need to be serviced and ready to go if the Superintendent needs it . 

A few tines where missing and some badly worn out .Also a few spike mounts needed some rebuilding . They must be torqued down 250 foot pounds other wise they will loosen off and fall out or wear out the mounting holes . 

Putting it on the lift with the loader I found much easier to service . Make sure the front stand is in the lock position and use something like a rope ratchet to keep it there . 

Jack stands came in handy to lift it of the bucket plates to check the roller bearings . 

The bearings seized up a little and the 2 small set screws are useless to break it free . Have the unit on a pallet off the ground when not in use might help prevent this problem . If left unchecked the shaft will spin inside the bearing wearing the shaft out . Today I tac welded the shaft to the collar . Broke away easily and re lubed .

Pic of front leg lock to prevent it from rolling on its side . Wouldn't be a good scene if it were to do that on the lift . 

Rope ratchet holding mechanism in place to keep it locked 

Checking gear oil level

Check an lube the drive line . It's a wise choice to label them and store them inside when not in use .

Put a good layer of grease on splines 

Not many grease nipples . 

Interesting way to bond two shafts together . Lube the chain to prevent rusting . 

Check and adjust belts and remove any rodent nests. Ready to go .

Here is John aerva-vating fairways a few years back .

Toro 4300/5410 grease shield

Small, issue ,but when servicing these mowers I find grease dispenses off the drive shaft and landing on top of the battery and inside the cab . It can get pretty dirty and difficult to check fluid in the battery .

Here is what happens . Grease everywhere .

I started out by cutting a piece of sheet metal and drilling a hole . There is a bracket already there to support it .

Hopefully it will be the last time I have to clean grease off the battery 

Side view to check for clearance by drive shaft and flywheel.

This pick shows one finished using both holes in bracket . I put a bolt up through the bracket hole and double nutted it so I can remove the plate for service easily when needed . I'll be putting them on the 4300 to .

New Tee reno update

Been a little busy making plans for winter machine maintenance . Here are some more tee renovation updated pictures . 
Had some issues getting sod out with a track hoe but decided to get all the bluegrass out for rough area repairs by loading them by the pallet load on the shop truck,cushmans and pro gator. Sod came in in great shape and nice and light .

 My job for a couple of mornings . Also made quick work of it with help from the Brian and a few of his staff from the New Course . 

#10 looks great 

#15 front tee

#15 tee view from back Tee

Guys are topdressing tees by hand a few weeks later . #12 back Tee

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Projects

Tee renovations continued this season . Here at the Old Course # 10 , 12 and 15 are near completion . We had an outside contractor come in to do the work .

All the big gear rolled in last week .

The smaller of the 2 excavators . Made quick work on the tee decks . They look great.

#10 tee

Slightly bigger and better angled to the green for more tee block placements . 

# 15 Tee clean up and expanded quite a bit . I'll have to get a few picks of #12 . Seems I deleted them by mistake . At #12 we removed the 2 decks and made one then also created a forward tee . Sod should be arriving today . Crew will be laying sod all day tomorrow . Renting a Track hoe with forks will take them out to their site by the pallet load . Saves a lot of wear and tear on equipment . 

a couple of pictures #12 tee  new forward tee

In the backround we took the two tee decks and made one extra large one . The boys have the tee play surface sodded . Lots of sod left over to do 3/18 over and some repairs around the course . Spent a little time making a temporary nursery for some of the sod . 

All the Toro gear working great some are showing their age . Over all a fantastic summer . Hard to believe it's coming to and end soon already .Greens are looking good and recovered well from last winters chaos.