Monday, April 27, 2015

Bobs Shop Air Lines

In my last shop I had installed 1/2 copper lines with relatively no issues   . 
Going to run copper again . Mostly 3/4 " copper and down to half near the end runs where valves will be placed for draining water out of system . Copper is not the cheapest way to go but when running air tools there is zero chance of rust from Iron pipe or zinc from plating pipe ruining air tools . There are ploly tube type system too but the copper will outlast anything else . 

First you have to plan out line runs for filters /oilers /reel hoses and valves . Picked up assorted fittings at local hardware store .

Started of in cold storage area with a tee to run through the wall  . My compressor will be on the right it will have 3/4" line to the tank . The other end will go to a hose reel so tires can be topped up without having to come into my shop . When time allows I'll get a chart done of tire PSI for all machinery. The second reel will be for air tools and will have an air filter / regulator and oil feeder . The last will be by my roll up bay door for larger equipment stored outside .

The Tee section came through the wall just under the stairs following the contour of grinding and welding areas . Using a level I'm keeping the bubble just touching the right side of center as I go from section to section .   

The raised pipes are done that way so that condensation will stay in the main line while air travels up . I seen this system while doing research and made sense to me . My last system they where just teed down causing the water to follow . From the up runs I'll attach a loop of rubber air line down the wall to a coupler near the bench top . More pictures coming as it gets done . 

Soon will be time to move the beast . 3 cylinder 80 gallon tank . 

99% done air line . Just waiting on Propane line install crew from IRVING to finish up . What a crew notch guys with the get er dun attitude . Cold storage area all tied in to hose reel .Compressor going at the end of the run for final hook up . 

Waiting on a few items to make hoses attaching systems together . 

Having the tools to make custom air lines on site is great . The two hose reel stations will eventually get charts for proper air pressure in machinery . Especially important to check units that go on greens before jobs . 

The up pipe is on about a 45 degree angle and the hose will loop up and back down to filter and oiler with air couplers . Doing it this way Ill be able to keep water in the main line run and out of air tools . 

Water blow out valves at end of each run . 
The HV crew are on a good drive to get their part of the building finished. Boy I'll be glad when the building chaos is done . It's all part of the new job . Just have to STOP... THINK... and PRIORITIZE what you can do with what you have ...working around other crews . Hopefully soon the lift will be wired up . I managed to get supplies and small engine tune up items ordered .Grass on the course looks fantastic and some talk of cutting in the near future . I'll have to get a tour of the course soon . Also adjusted and check greens walkers and will get the diesel hybrid triplexes adjusted when lifts up and running  Propane heater start up tomorrow and (keep our fingers crossed )water will be running to the building .  Been so busy inside to even get out of the building .Soon it will all come together and get back to a routine . Grinders are on their way out from Veseys  tomorrow. Boy I cant wait to set up my first set of reels on a different grinding system ...saaweett!!   Verticutters arriving tomorrow from the green Reddin mowing team . A few more pictures comming after I'm done with the lines . 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's Christmas for me at Brunello

Just got back from taking an electrical trouble shooting course for the ERIC system  (Club Car) some of which can be applied to the older systems. We broke up in groups to find the gremlins the instructor had put into 4 carts . It was a pretty good time and we all learn a few things . Thanks Veseys for putting it on . 

This morning I came into the shop to find a good chunk of my tool order in .
Woo-Hoo better than Christmas morning .

Compressor /welder and tool boxes .

Laying all the tools I have so far on the bench . The guys had the ordered all checked off with the invoice . 

You should always check your orders as you get them and write on slip and drivers slip if some things missing . 

Started off with the tool boxes first of course . It will be a little trial an error of where to put the tools . At my last shop I had a tool board for some tools to work from . 

Double check the welder Thermal-arc was bought by a company ( it is the Thermal-arc with a different paint job). Stick/mig and tig welder . Decided to get the matching cart made for it .Has a few slots for trays and a bottle rack . 

Assembling parts washer . Decided to do my own this time around . I found it wasn't used that much and avoiding the extra cost of a contract serviced one . 

Getting a few items set up . Doing my best to get it right for me the first time around . Lawsons order coming in any time now. Still lots to do metal bench tops ..vices .. bench grinder etc ..etc .. Moving the air compressor and running lines next week . Shops looking good and coming together nicely . Service supplies and a few part room items left to order and I should be back in business.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Busy week at the New Shop

My office set up just waiting for phone lines /internet and laptop to start make list and charts for the shop .
We are days away from water hook up . Soon will be a fully functioning shop .

Guys spent a lot of time clearing the cart paths of snow and few greens to speed up the melting . Greens are looking great. 

Still a lot of snow around even the lake ice hasn't broken up yet . We spent the week emptying carts and organizing shops .

Received  commercial racking and moved them around a few times till we where all happy with the set up . 

 Some of the racks will palletize off season items for storage .

The old PGM trailer worked pretty good to move the blower around last winter for snow removal at the housing complexes. 

Lift still needs to be wired up and tools and some supplies should be here any day now . 

My shop has a couple of commercial propane heaters ,Almost ready to go . 

All the gas cylinders arrived and set aside out of harms way.

My first order of metal in to make racks and hangers for small engines and mixing tank etc. 

Parts room  temporarily being used for items with out a home yet .  

Sod cutters here . Good pick . This model has been bullet prof from my past experience with them . 

Scissor lift . Had a little problem figuring out a place to use it but the Super made a great suggestion and it found a home by the lift . 

More new green gear in today . The last fairway unit . HDX D in the back is temporarily storing  the 846 pro core . Found a good home for it but ran out of time today to pick it off the workman . Just a few more pieces to complete the puzzle . 

And one of the rough units came for the ride too. 

Getting some set ups for gear in the shop .

Looking great I should have enough room for 4 more Tee mowers and trailers . I always like keeping them where I can see them . Scissor lift looks good there . The gear on the right are from the golf course construction company . I've been getting a list of equipment to be serviced and or repaired from last season . Excitement is building as we start seeing the final product . It will be go time soon as more staff start trickling  in .

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Rotary Lift

Delivered and set up in a few hours .

It was a lot easier to tell the installers where I wanted it this time around . After lots of thought I choose this area so we could use the rest of the shop more efficiently for all the seasons .  

Up rights measured off to clearance specifications before drilling the floor .  

These guys are good .Took no time at all ...Impressive . Can't wait for the tools to show up . 

My new office . Just put the desk in today .I'll be moving in very shortly . Hard to tell the size but it's about 1/4 the size of my old entire shop.  

Air conditioned offices and lunch room .Big screen TV went up today .

Drop ceilings all done .
Kitchen cabinets almost done . New micro waves set up  for staff. 

The core crew setting up the job boards in lunch room . 

Building Mechanical guys still hard at work and plumbers finishing up the fixtures . Should have water on Wednesday. 
Place is looking awesome and the excitement is starting to build as spring hits full force here in the Maritimes .

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Shop update

It's been a an extra long winter.Next week is looking up for double digit temperatures . Won't be long and will be scurrying to get caught up . Some greens were check ( Bent grass) and are looking really good so will let nature takes its course .Ventrac is coming back out for demo to see how it does for snow removal . Where going to try it out on the cart paths . Shops coming along great ...still working on mechanicals .Rotary lift should be in this week and tools /some supplies and shop equipment also ordered . Won't be long and I'll be taking the painting cap off and get back to what I do best . I didn't realize how much is involved to get a new building finished . The team at Brunello are all working hard to get into the offices and set up shop before the weather breaks . Cart barn has broke ground and should be ready in time for new Club Cars to arrive . I think we will have a dozen of the 4 seater too besides the regular models . The 4 passenger are pretty cool looking . Hope every course wintered well and have a great up coming season .