Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pro-Core hauler trailer .

 Here at The Links at Brunello we have a couple of Toro 648 to use out on the course . We plan on trailering one to the outskirts to save time and a long leisurely walk . Chris ( superintendent) came up with the idea of using the extra dump box for the project . It was up to my abilities to make it happen . 

Toro workman  dump box . 

Toro pro-core 648 needing a ride . ( 1500 lbs. + )

Flip box upside down and remove unnecessary hardware .

The box is well framed but I added extra by using 3" tube stock . 2" square tube stock was used for an axle . 

Bought a couple of axles for a great price for the guys at Vesey's . Using a piece of 6"x 6"flat stock and angle iron made for a strong mounting area to slide over axle later . 

A little bit of welding and measuring and it was time to

install the wheels . Wheels (cart tires ) came from a local clearance store . 

 Welding in some 2" square tube stock to reinforce the front of box for hitch area . It's going to hold a lot of weight . 

Welding on the hitch arm . 

A little test fitting .

and test drive 

a few more adjustments .

Welded in a 1" bar for a wheel stop at the point where it has good balance one trailer . 

And were good to go .

October 2015
We had it out a few times leap frogging the aerators . Works great but I have an idea to keep it attached to the tow vehicle and still be able to tip it .

Stay tuned !!!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

John Deere 8800 wheel motor replacement .

Our 8800 wheel motor seal went in the new mower after coming back from a pump replacement . .Just one of those things that happens on rare occasions. . The other 8800 and  JD fleet are working great . We needed this guy out mowing ASAP but dealer couldn't make it out till the end of the week .  Having some time on my hands and a great shop to work out of I offered to do the job for them if they liked .  
For me it's giving a hand up to get my machine out as early as possible . 

First thing was to engage park break and loosen axle nut . You may need a good 10' extension ( fence  post pipe) to get it started .
You will have to jack the axle up pretty high off the floor . The axle housing is also the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid . The idea is to get the oil to the other side to prevent most of it from leaking out . Put a couple of jack stands under the axle and leave jack under . 

All ready 


Remove brake callipers and pads on both side of hub . Ran into a small problem . I didn't receive any 3 jaw pullers yet .  

 So ....Drilling and tapping for a 3/8 ths 16 thread I'm able to use my bearing puller .

 With a little heat and pull it popped off fairly easy . 

Remove hub and key 

Loosen off the 2 hydraulic lines 

Remove the remaining 4 bolts 

 Pretty much falls out . Lost about 1.5 litres of hydraulic fluid . 

Putting the motors side by side to move hydraulic fittings to new one . Top up the new one with hydraulic fluid to keep it lubricated till the air works its way out . Also use a new O ring . 

Connect the hydraulic lines first loosely . Then torque wheel motor down to spec . 

Reassemble in reverse order and top up hydraulic fluid . Let run up to operating temperature and move steering wheel back and forth to the stops . Check for leaks and done . The wheel motor axle nut is 160 ft lbs.( new lock axle nut ) do not put on with air gun you may damage the wheel motor . 

Nova Scotia Open (New Ashburn) 2015

New Ashburn was off to a shaky start coming out of an unusually long winter. as most course in this area suffered a little more winter kill than expected . Brian Gouthro (superintendent ) and crew managed to get the course back in game shape just in time for tournament .This past week I was asked if I'd like to help out setting up and trouble shooting equipment with my buddy Al ( mechanic ) .I was happy to get the opportunity to participate at the event again . 

 Outside the shop the lot is full of trailers needed for tournament and television crews .

Looking down #10 . #17 green behind where TV crew main building is set up .

Stands at #18

Approaching #18 green

Outside the shop door

We had to move this generator ....it was in the camera shot on #18 green 

Score board ...1 of many around the course 

Having two techs made quick work on setting up gear for next mow . Al had all the gear freshly ground a few days before we started .

Driving range tee and short game area .

A shot from service road of #2 fairway from mid area of #1 .

Weather is cooperating and course is knitting in very well and at a fast pace in the last few weeks .

Approaching #1 green 

Some of the crew past and present dropped what they were doing to help out . 


Fairways are cutting great .Actually everything is cutting great .  

Mr. Brooks ... (assistant At the New Ashburn) One for you buddy .

Coming to the end of another long day . Guys are doing a great job. Course is looking great.

 #9 fairway 

Looking back at #10 green and one of the 3 covered bridges .

Giant sponsor golf bag. 

New Ashburn 2015 Nova Scotia Open .

The big show is over . Last evening to on call and adjusting machines . They had great conditions for play and the weather cooperated for a change . 
Camera crews are packing up the gear and some towers are coming down . Great to see some of the guys but will be glad to be single shifting back at my home course . 
The Links at Brunello . 

Abraham Ancer Wins Nova Scotia Open

Abraham Ancer won the Nova Scotia Open on Sunday for his first Web.com Tour title, beating Bronson Burgoon with a birdie on the first hole of a playoff.
The 24-year-old Ancer became the tour's fifth Mexican winner, following Keoke Cotner, Esteban Toledo, Alex Aragon and Carlos Ortiz. Ancer was born in Texas and has dual citizenship.
Ancer and Burgoon each birdied the par-4 18th in regulation to finish at 13-under 271 on Ashburn's New Course.
Ancer earned $117,000 to jump from 39th to fourth on the money list with $192,945. The formerUniversity of Oklahoma player tied for second in the Brazil Champions in March.
Burgoon is winless on the tour. The 28-year-old former Texas A&M player made $$70,200 to go from 43rd to 17th with $142,575.
Jason Allred, Travis Bertoni and D.H. Lee tied for third at 12 under. Allred shot a 64, Bertoni had a 68, and Lee a 69.
Stuart Appleby closed with a 68 to tie for 36th at 6 under in his first start since surgery to repair a herniated disk. The nine-time PGA Tour winner made his first appearance on the second-tier tour since 1995.