Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cat walk build for Toro Pro Pass 200

Nice little addition . This cat walk was easy to build and will save the rear fenders from getting bent and guys hanging of the side trying to clear/clean or check hopper . 

material used 1.5"x2.5" - 1/8" tube stock cut  3 lengths at 20".Slide them in position and mark holes for pins after you get it set up in the next step . 

I'm using 1.5 " -1/8" angle for rails 2 x 56" . Mark just the inside one so you can flip it over to weld . Outside piece weld in place over hanging tube stock . Line up cat walk so it is just inside fender . Mark the holes for pins now .  

Clamp and ready to tack weld . 

Made a simple step with stock left over. 

Disconnect battery before welding !

After tack weld ,remove and weld up joints . Step was around 8" riser .

 Remove and flip over to measure for mesh top .

Went with 1/2" mesh to let the sand go through and better foot traction .


Test fit for the last time . Goes on easily.

Cleaning it up for 

Primer and


And done .

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Toro HDX D Workman Dump box Mod .

Well my long term memory works well but I couldn't tell where I just set my coffee though lol.  A while back I seen this build on one of the tech sites .  Had a hunch that it was Chad Braun from Prestwick golf club . With all the social media sites out there you get to know other techs fairly well . Sent Chad mail through twitter and was right in the hunch, I didn't realize it was back in 2009 . 
  The problem where having are loads going between dump bed and ROP. Gravel or surge is the worst . The over spillage winds up on the hydraulic lines that lay in a tray under the dump bed . Many times gravel gets wedged in between lines . 

The dump beds had some rigorous use this fall . That's what their built to do and they do it well . I'll have to build the modification on the box .

Removing this shield makes the job easy .

Using a piece of 1.5" angle 1/8 th thick . Cut one side of angle to hug the inside of box . I left 12 " for the side pieces . 

Clamp this first piece down . 

When welding on equipment disconnect the battery cables . Some modern equipment have delicate electronics that could get shorted out costing $$$,

Next I welded up 8 ..11" 1" angle together to make 4 upright pieces . Tack them in place in the same area as the box post holders ( for ecstatics )and then add the top rail .

The box extender can be pulled off later to weld secure .

A few more pics at different angles

You can mock up the side rail with the measuring tape to get an idea of the length needed . Mine where 20"    Notch out and bend

tack these in place 

Looking good fairly easy project so far 

Off the Workman now and cutting diamond plate 1/8 " to fit openings 

All ready for 


and paint.

and done . 

Drill out for 4 bolts in the front and one on each side . Looks great

I'm thinking the the addition will help keep the front of the box from getting bent up . 

Going to add this heavy rubber matt to keep debris out . 

The wire tailgate latches didn't last and when it lets go it will take out the tail lights . Both of them on one machine . Chain will take the abuse that these machines can handle .

Thanks again Chad . Great idea and build .