Friday, May 27, 2016

JD 7400 tier 4 engine issue

A few days ago one of our best operators (Danny) came in and mention that it stopped mowing and wouldn't pick up any speed . He had it out for a few hours prior . With all the sensors on it and so few hours...Nick (traveling tech)for Reddin Equipment came by  to  check out the issue . Hooking his lap top to the machine and checked settings etc. determined it was a bad DOC outlet temp sensor .
 We have a lot of rough area to mow and need every unit out and mowing as much as possible just to keep up .
Down time is not an option . The part was located and air shipped next day . PERFECT.

Sorry about quality of pictures but when I see parts to put on I'm on the move even if it's 4:15 am .Sensor on the right was gone . Actually could wiggle it around . New one in .
Old one out .

Nothing makes a mechanic happier than a quick turn around with a much needed machine .
Thanks Harold Larter for making it happen and Nick for finding the problem .

Ben is out with it now . Great guys here at Brunello . They are good on the gear .

Thursday, May 26, 2016

JD 7500 verticutter front roller scrapers

We have the wire that cleans of the rear roller .The issue is the verticutters throw the clippings forward for the front roller to pick up . It will increase the front roller dimension by a good 1/2 ".After looking in the parts book I didn't see clearly if there are front scrapers available . Being in a new shop there is some left over building materials.  I happened to save a bunch of 5/16th threaded rod .

Perfect and the price was right . The front rollers are set for the +  -HOC that we use and most likely will never change . As you can see in above picture there is a space just big enough to get the threaded rod in the front roller arms . 

Fairly simple to do only took 45 do a 5 set installed .

Thread the nuts on a fair way ,more so on one end to slide in place with a backer washers . Then washer lock washer and nut on the outer end . Tighten the inside nuts till their just touching the washer and roller arm . As the outside ones are tighten it will draw the threaded rod tight . 

Cut excess off . Turned out great and pretty easy to do . Now the clippings will get trapped on rod and wipe roller . Excess clippings will drop off the back . 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Torque Multiplier

I've been looking around for a tool to torque the rear tractor wheels on the 5055E .Specs  say 405 ft lbs.I did get a few quotes for tool ranging anywhere between 700 to 1000$.A bit pricey for a tool that would rarely be used . Princess Auto had one for $119 on sale a while back and rated for up to 720 ft lbs. torque ratio is 1 to 3.3 . 

Needed a piece a fence pipe to anchor one end . Setting the torque wrench to 122 FT lbs made quick and easy work of it . Good thing I checked after it came back from warranty work the right side wasn't quite torqued enough . That's normal they should be check when removed after the first use . Also used it to replace some worn out pins on the box scrapper .

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ultra sonic Carb cleaner

These can be expensive . This came up on Golftechs forum site . There was a you tube post of some low budget home
made versions 

Picked up a small palm sander Square ( 4 quarter paper ) 

Made a sheet metal plate to attach to sander using the tabs . 

A little bending using a piece of 1/4 flat stock . 

Trimmed down to fit and used hook and loop pads to attach to container and sander .

A little video of the action with sander . Tried a little concentrate soap and water and threw in a few pieces of tarnished copper pipe . 

After agitating  for 35 minutes it came out pretty clean . CLR was recommended for a solution which I'll be trying soon . 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Shop made Radiator cleaner

Last trip to Princess Auto I was looking for a rad cleaner that Guys are using and talking about on tech sites . No luck finding one so decided to try making it . 

Using a piece of 1/2" copper  

Drilled a bunch of small holes to try out first . May go back later and drill them a little bigger or at least every second one . 

Solder an end cap and brass 1/4 female thread bushing  

Attach an air line fitting. I also put an in line air valve so it won't run continually. 

The Links at Brunello May 2016

A few picks of the course . With a great winter season most course are looking good . A blessing after the previous harsh winter . Every ones of to a good start . 
Have a great summer.
Things are ramping up !!!

Must play course .Looks like July out there !!

Rotary Lift traction fix

Love my Turf equipment Lift , the only issue is the factory traction paint doesn't last long . Especially when adjustments are done to most machines after they come in off the wash rack . 

You can see the paint gone from spinning tire to get on and off the lift .

Started by sanding the paint down to bare metal. 

with the MIG it was easy to run raised beads on wheel buckets 

Just the leading one needed to be done 

Finished took 5 minutes 

So easy to get our JD 2500E on the lift ...even with the smooth tires .
Effortless !!!

This was another great indirect Twitter post find . I noticed some had done it to their lift in one of the pictures . 

Great idea . 
Once a year they may need re-beading as they smooth out or wear . 

More rack builds

New shops require lots of racking to make permanent homes for equipment . Most the the racks I'm making can be moved if needed .

We have commercial racks left over .I was able to cut down and weld them to fit 6 
Hover mowers 

Weld screens on for extra strength 

Turned out really well and gets them off the ground . 
One more prodject to clean up another area when time allows . Maybe a winter project . Things a ramping up .