Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bernhard 3000 MC anglemaster rail adjustment

When we received our grinder I noticed a blemish on the rear rail . I wasn't to concerned about it till recently . I started to feel a bump while grinding . The blemish area was actually flaking off in layers sort of like chrome on an old bumper . Probably a one in a million chance of seeing this . After Emailing Bill at Veseys Equipment, Bernhard sent a replacement part in no time . Grinding companies are great .They get it done .Direct  from England at that .

Rail with blemish

removal was easy . 4 Allan head bolts holding bar in after removing a couple of shields . The underside of front rail has a cambered bolt and roller to remove and drive chain was taken off on one end and slide by the motor . Motor is heavy watch your back and place it on a bench directly beside grind . Watch the hoses and power cables . Old rail slid out easily .

Installing new rail .

The center rail adjustment was backed off before removal and install . 

Reassemble in reverse order . You can get pretty close with rail adjustment using an app on my I Phone . Recently installed new bedknives on a 2500 E .So pulling a knife to set up to try out (double checking ) . I notice it was a little fat in the middle when touching it up , So raising the rail in the middle on back rail will tip the stone away from the grind . Grind and adjust till it looks even . Both rails are adjustable . Usually you would adjust the front to correct but were I replace the rear it made sense and there was enough adjustment to get me on the mark . 

Measuring across the top face cut ,very pleased with the result .

The true test . Cuts clean across the entire length . 

Thanks Bill and Bernhard . 
Didn't miss a beat !!! 
Just in time too . touch up grind on 3 - 1600 Toros in less than an hour . Getting the hang of these grinders now .