Ashburn (previous course ) Shop and Course picks over the years

New irrigation line crossing the river to boost up GPM flow on the other side .
Below is the connection to the old system where it was left out of from original plan . Using 6" High Density Poly.

New shop under construction at New Ashburn

Pad laid down for new building .

Footings in place

Preparing floor area for in floor heating .

View from old shop of framing going up .

View of old shop , soon to be electric fleet cart storage .

The hard workers waiting patiently for a warmer place to stay .

Roof framing on .

Site for the new green house .

View of new Equipment Managers shop .
Cold storage . Temperary lighting up .
View of door way to cold storage . On the left will be washrooms and locker room .
Lots of natural lighting in the tech's area .
 Offices windows .
Metal wall framing almost complete .
Right side are offices and a kitchenette area . Large area just inside doorway will be the staff lunchroom .

 New offices .

Coming in from machine storage area into lunch room  area.
 Mechanic's shop . Lots of natural lighting .
Grinding room .
 Electrical room .
Drywalls done and paint on the walls
New lift .
Boiler room ...up and running
Kitchen cabinets installed

Lunch room
Green house almost doned and last of the out buildings will be demoed .

Rain Bird decoder system moving to new building
Al's setting up shop .
Machines are in out of the weather
Kitchen and lunchroom
 Nice eye wash station .
Mens locker room .
Building 99% complete , looks great !
Just a little rain September 22/23 2012 storm they say up to 200 mm in places.

Center pond drain level .  
 Standing at #6 pond at Old course
#10 Green and pond Old course

#11 fairway , No usually a stream here .
Water heading for #16 and #4 fairway .
Right side of #11 green . Old Course .
A few pic's of the course a day before out member / guest tournament in 2012

New Course massive Tee Reno 2011 .  I think they  rebuilt / extended 17 tees this fall season.A few picks a little half way through project .This pro #2 tee above  use to be on the left in pic . On right behind #1 green .
 A par 3Tee  Reno on #5 . Much needed on this hole .
 # 15 use to be 1 long tee . Now  separated and expanded for a new look .
  I see some of Dans gear in the picks . He has done some nice shaping work at our course .

 Next pic's #18 pro Tee . It use to be tucked in the woods left of #17 green .Not sure if many members even knew it was there . Great job on this one .
 Completely different look . Now you can walk by the Tee on your way to mens #18 tee on the other side of the river .

 Nice blending in job on backside of #17 green .

 Not 100 % sure . Looks like new tee on # 4 , and below is pic from back of #17 to #18 mens , There are 3 covered bridges on the course used as shelters in bad weather .

My New Office Sweet .

Framing it up.
drywall and almost complete
Ready for paint.

Move in day .

Some demo sitting in the shop . Both electric machines
Tool on wall staff can use if returned .
Overhead tire rack and storage area.
Desk and small engine area . This way it's easy to keep an eye on small engines so they don't go missing .
Our new cold storage area . Keeps the gear safe and makes them last a little longer .
Kubota 5040 and lastic . A fine pairing .
My shop and a mini side green house .
not uncommon to see these guys near the city .
2010 #8 green renovation at Old course
 Most of old material removed .
 New irrigation installed .
 Lots of drainage installed .

 Extend cart path .
 View from 8 fairway.
 Shaping traps . Approach sodded .
 We put a fine layer of cores on green surface from the fall coring and it took very well .

Old course #10 from #11 tee
Old course #11 mens Tee
Old Course #10 green .
View from #6 Tee at Old Course.
Another shot from # 6, Stripping fairways here now to help with bobbing .

2008 massive Tee Reno at Old course

 New # 8 Tee.

 Lots of 80/20 mix and lots more to come .
 # 11 mens looking to back of Tee .

 #11 mens looking at fairway over pond .
 Shaping out pond and #13 Tee areas .

 Doing a little work on #14 womens and expanding mens .

 # 14 womens wasn't quit lined up in the past , Just straightening this one out .

 Tee deck on #8 getting sodded .

 Above # 11 tee deck .

 Getting ready to sod hillside on #11 tee.
 I spent a week here tracing wires , repairing irrigation and fairway area after new pipes where installed between ponds . Beaver had damned up old pipes at the in feed end causing the fairway to flood .

 # 13 Tee decks sodded .
 #13 pond refilling .
 # 13 mens Tee.
 View from #13 Tee womens in play to green .

# 14 womens sodded .

 # 14 Mens Tee .

 pics of forward tee on #9 .

One of my drainage jobs on Old #10 green.

Another drainage job at old course # 1 fairway.

The trouble maker , this guy likes to block # 13 fairway drainage causing a lot of issues .

#6 Tee area after reno .Old Course
Old course Club House looking back from #1 fairway .
A small dumping . I'm asked to take the plow truck home before any major snow fall to get a jump on plowing before the guys get in .

3810 Jac , I don't miss them but were great cutting machines in their day . I do miss the individual wing control .

New course slit drainage installed in some of the greens . Looks like #15.

We had about 30 cm. Had to get the big blower out to move the banks back for functions at the Club House .

My New ( used grinders ) grinders from the New Course . Thanks Brian .
More shop picks . Still fine tuning it .
I wound up putting the lawsons supplies under the step . Much more handy by the lift .

Also move the filter and oil supplies by lift .
 Bath room gut job a couple of winters ago . Super repaired exterior wall damage and hung the dry wall . I pretty much did the rest . A fair amount or rot but all repairable . Moved all the water system to kitchen area .

 Turned out great at the end of it all .

I built some counters in the kitchen for the guys to eat at last season . this year We got some cheap tiles and I installed them . Nice having a hard surface to clean .
I took all the water system from the bathroom and moved it into a bigger area . Were on a well that tends to dry up but with this system we can run irrigation water when it's up and running . We have spring water for drinking separate .