The Links at Brunello My New Shop

Recently answered an advertisement  to a New golf course I've been keeping an eye on . Having spent nearing 20 years here at Ashburn it wasn't an easy decision but I'm excited for the opportunity and challenges ahead of me  . Many great people and  memories at the New and Old courses . I'll miss it ! I have accepted the Head mechanic position offered by The Links at Brunello  starting March 16th 2015 .I'll be involved in setting up the new shop and look forward to teaching /training and being involved in day to day operations . There a good mix of new Toro and John Deere equipment coming in for this season .

Here is the site of the complex . Check out the hole by hole view from last seasons grow in .Looken Good !!!

Stopped by today for a look .Roofs on so things should be picking up .

Nice size doorways

Roof tight

A few more weeks to go at the Old Course . 

The count down is on .

Dropped by to check out the New Shop.
Lots of progress .Only have a few days left at The old course .I'll be busy soon setting up accounts and getting/setting up shop equipment and supplies . Should be interesting setting up a first time shop .

 View of entrance to offices below, lunch room / lockers above . Next steel entry way will be for parts room and my office .
Contractors busy building grinding room . We think the lift will go between doorways on the left ,that will make it handy for reels  to be ground .The upper section of picture will have a walkway to route staff around maintenance area

A few pictures of cold storage area .

Some of the onsite gear is being brought inside from the cold and snow . 

View of one of the massive doors . This ones between the shop and cold storage and will most likely be used in the off season  to bring in gear without having to leave the building . The shops very tall and more second level storage areas will be built as needed .

With the winter storms not letting up here in the Maritimes it's been pretty busy for the guys removing snow ,We also take care of a few Brunello Estates subdivision homes. I helped out a bit here and there. Busy getting quotes ready and in for approval for tools and shop set up .

The drywalls up in a lot of areas . My shop has the first coat of mud on . You can see the walkway up top for the staff to be redirected away from maintenance area .

Door frames and studded walls completed . Grinding room not drywalled in yet . 

Upstairs lunch room and locker area . Bathrooms and shower area will also be up here . You can see some of the metal studding crimped a bit . That's how much snow we have had this week . A little flex on this span . If it had been drywalled it may not have even showed , the drywalled area on the right was fine . 

View from the crews cat walk . We spent most of Friday getting gear free from Ice and empting a storage container. Plumbers are doing the rough in .Next week we should have power/heat /water hooked up . Soon grinders and lift will arrive . Once accounts are set up and purchases approved will be setting up the shop . I'll be able to go over the gear that is here and start feeling normal again . Not sure what to do with my massive office and parts room but I'm sure I'll figure it out .  Lots to do soon . 

Most of the gear found their way to the new building .Still have a few pieces of equipment to arrive later . 

Air conditioners almost ready for install . 

Waiting for the ice to thaw out on the fertilizer spreader . 

A few pictures of lunch room

Kitchen area

Tappers are going the finish off the rest of drywalled areas.

Wash rooms and shower area 

walkway across grinder room .

Soon the lift will be going in here.Pretty much where the bench is .

A couple of our crew ( great guys ) helping finish drywall on grinding room

 Bay door installed  ( on left )going to cold storage . This will make winter servicing great . 
Getting closer everyday .

New gear rolling in .

Diesel electric . No Hydraulics on greens here. Good idea . Electric motors have come a long ways in the past few years . 

Kitchen area .

Lunch room 

Rubberised type flooring through out . 

New Lift . 

Great job installed in a few hours . 

Modern equipped shops and turf management practices = better course conditions that Golfers are looking for nowadays .  

My office . 
I could play hoops in here . Wow

Office set up . Still a bit of organizing to do.

Big screen TV

Cabinets almost complete.

Guys doing a great job . 

sorting out gear and equipment

Salamander still going . soon the propane shop heaters will be up and running . 

Supplies trickling in . 

Parts room being temporally used for storing items with out a home yet .

sod cutter in 

Scissor lift in . 

More new gear showing up . 

setting up where gear is going to go for the up coming season 

Getting closer to the final look .

Chemical room near completion .Racking all set up 

Construction companies smaller gear found a home inside . 

Tools and supplies rolling in .

In door fuel storage for gas cans . Just need to plumb an air line outside to vent cabinet.

Internet is up and running and desktop computers arrived and hooked up . Good to have all the resources to keep things running as smooth as possible . Just a laptop for mobile trouble shooting and having the ability to catch up at home will be great .

Wi Fi  printer all ready to go . Most of my files and technical manuals are on disc or PDF files .Makes reading a little easier when you can print off the pages your using .

Grinders in and set up . Almost have one set of 5 plexes under my belt . Nice Grinders 

Starting to feel like home .Make a few fab projects

Ball picker screened in  and serviced.

A couple of 4x4 make a good blocking for the stretch machines .

More fabrication projects

Scissor lift . Use it fairly often now

My only concern was getting the big tractor on . Went on fairly easy .

Welding table

 Lots of new machine warranty service going on .

Bench toppers have arrived

A few pics of the  cart barn .

Great little tractor . lifts easy

Doing service on the sprayer .


Good rain day project to clean machines .Got the hot side of pressure washer up and running today.

Cheetah must have tool to get the big tires on rims .

Ran more air lines to hook up hose reel on lift to eliminate trip hazards

So far so good . Feeling like the old shop again . Staff and Company are fantastic . 

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